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Women's Signature Tee

Impress your friends with this adorable t-shirt. Fitted tee can be worn for work-out or play! Our "endure" logo is written on the front with the Roman numerals XIII.I (13.1 distance of a half marathon) and the shape of our wing necklace on the back with Roman numerals XXVI.II (26.2 distance of a marathon) on the back. 
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anita h. 7 years ago

I love my endure t-shirt. now i can officially wear it now that i've completed a half marathon this past sunday. it was so much fun and it was painful towards the end but so worth it. i will do more in the future but with more training and more mileage. i will stetch more and take fast walking breaks every so often. i learned a lot from my first, what to do and not to do.