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Run Necklace

Sometimes the simplest pieces of jewlery speak the loudest! You love to run and everything this sport has to offer. You've endured the good and the bad side of running, yet couldn't imagine life without it.

Carved into the center of this disc pendant is the word "run". A perfect piece of jewelry for all levels and every distance of running. If you love this sport, this necklace is for you!

Cast and hand-finished in tarnish-resistant .925 sterling silver. Pendant measures approximately 15mm in diameter. Also available in 14k white, yellow, or rose gold.

For 18K white, yellow, or rose gold, please e-mail us at for a price quote.

Diamond version available with a .01ct GHSI12 round brilliant cut set into the "period" after the word "run."

This pendant is available with complimentary personalized engraving. If you would like to add a personal touch to your pendant please enter your engraving request in the text box (up to 6 characters).

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah 5 years ago

I bought this necklace 2 and a half years ago and wore it every single day, happily, proudly. It often served as the motivation I needed on tough days, to get out and run. I broke the chain (completely my fault-- the thing was tough!) and lost the whole thing last week. I've been heartbroken ever since and plan to get a new one as soon a.s.a.p.!

Wendi 6 years ago

I LOVE this necklace and received so many compliments. I never took it off. Sadly the chain couldn't endure that kind of wear and broke. I haven't found a chain locally that fits the pendant. That makes me sad. My 4 stars is because of the chain; the pendant gets a 5. RESPONSE FROM ENDURE: Wendi, if you would like to send it back to us for a repair please send it to us at this address: Endure PO Box 3276 Clovis, CA 93613 Depending on the issue we can either send you a replacement chain or repair it for you. Thank you. The Endure Team

Diana 6 years ago

I put this necklace on as soon as I received it and have not taken it off since. I run in it every single day and can't wait to wear it for my 10th marathon this fall. Thanks so much for making this necklace. All that I have to do is look in the mirror at this gorgeous piece of jewelry to remind myself how much I love to run and how lucky I am to be able to run!

anonymous 6 years ago

I Love this necklace!! it is simple, yet elegant, and inspirational at the same time. My husband got it for me as a christmas present to help me motivate me for my next race!! (PS. To the guy in lemmore if you havent found out yet... there is a store in fresno that sells the necklaces as well i would call first to see if they have them in stock first... good luck)

Happy Customer 7 years ago

I got the high-polish version and love it! I looked all over for classy running jewelry and had a very hard time finding anything elegant and simple. This is it!

anonymous 7 years ago

My Wife really wants this necklace and has just never gotten it. I need to track one down but I live in Lemoore on base and there is no way I am paying that much for shipping coming from Clovis. I am hoping that you have an actual store as well. Ill review it again once I get it and give it to her and let you guys know what she thinks!!! REPLY BY ENDURE: Many of our facebook fans, twitter followers, and e-mail subscribers are able to receive FREE Shipping coupons that are posted quite often. Like us on facebook and shipping should rarely be a problem!

Regina Robles 7 years ago

I have been looking for a necklace with the running theme. This charm is super cute and simple. One word says it all. I bought this from the Disney Expo. I met the owner and a friend. Very nice and friendly.

Kat Moore 7 years ago

run. It's what I do, it's what I love. So, this necklace is PERFECT for me! Very simple, very cute. I wear it everyday. And I LOVE IT!

anonymous 7 years ago

If you order this pendant thinking (based on online pictures) that it is approximately the diameter of a quarter, then you will be profoundly disappointed to unwrap a pendant about the diameter of a pencil eraser -- especially after having paid $52+ dollars. Response by Endure: The diameter of this pendant is listed in the product description and is approximately 15mm. This item is one of our site's best selling items. If you are unhappy with your purchase you may return it for a refund. Please see our terms page for return/exchange instructions.

Jenn P 8 years ago

run. It's simple, but it invites so many questions. Why do you run? How long have you been running? Where do you run? What races have you run? And even if nobody ever asked any of those questions, it's a piece to wear every day as a self-reminder of why you lace up those sneakers and get out there. You're a runner. No matter how fast you are, no matter how long you've been at it. I think it would be so chic layered with the other Endure necklaces/pendants - add the half, and the marathon if you've completed them!