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Awareness Ribbon

Whether you are a battling cancer, a cancer survivor, or have a loved one who has been diagnosed with this disease, you can wear this pendant with pride knowing that you are helping find a cure for breast cancer.

A Real-Life Wonder Woman
My grandmother inspires me every single day. She worked at Clark Air Base in Pampanga, Philippines as a clerk during World War II. She saw and experienced things during that time that I can't even begin to imagine. My grandmother was diagnosed with type two diabetes in 1984, the year I was born (I was born on my grandmother's birthday and was lucky enough to be named after her.) In 1987 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was very young, but still old enough to understand what it means when someone is sick. The cancer had spread far enough to where she had to get a radical mastectomy. That year she had her left breast removed. In 1989, while at work, she had been complaining about headaches and issues with her vision. She went to the doctor and was taken into surgery within 24 hours. She had a brain aneurism that was causing the headaches and the blurriness in her vision. My family was told to begin making funeral plans, but my amazing grandmother kept holding on. In 2010 twenty-one years later, she was 85 years old and the doctors found cancer cells in her right breast. She refused to go into surgery and we understood her concern. She had become very fragile. After weeks and weeks of meeting with doctors and specialists she decided she would go ahead with the surgery. They successfully removed the cancer and she is a living cancer survivor. I am lucky to still have such an amazing woman in my life. The story of her life inspires me every day. I am truly blessed.

Sunny Arada

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