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Why I Love The Star Wars Half Marathon

  • Jun 16 2015
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I'm super excited to announce that I'm going to be running the runDisney Star Wars Rebel Challenge once again! June 16th has been in my calendar for months now, the date in which registration for race weekend opens to the public. This morning was so stressful. If you've never participated in a runDisney race before, I must familiarize you with the registration process. There are so many people that want to register for this race right away that it only allows a certain number of people to register at once. Once you're allowed to access to the registration page, you're taken to another page to verify you're account. Once you're here you may or may not get access to the checkout form.I sat in front of my computer screen, reloading the page over and over to see if the system would allow me to register. First, I helped register my nephew for the 10k, then myself and my Dad for the Rebel Challenge. My sister and I were both on our computers trying to get into the system and after almost an hour of anticipation, I was thrilled to know we were all registered for our races!

This year in January was the Inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon weekend and it was so awesome! There are so many reasons why this race has become one of my top 3 runDisney favorites. I ran the 10K with my Dad and 11 year old nephew. Both of them are huge Star Wars fans and I grew up watching it on VHS.

From the first day of race weekend, even at the expo, the atmosphere was just full of positive energy. This happens pretty much at all Disney races, but the vibes were different. We were surrounded by both Star Wars and Disney fans and it was so awesome seeing everyone dressed up, even at the expo!

We had some fun new designs we released including four Galaxy necklaces for the 5K, 10K, 13.1 Half Marathon, and 19.3 Rebel Challenge. We also had a blinded out galaxy rhinestone hoodie jacket as well.

The first race of the weekend, for me, was the 10K. I ran with my dad and my nephew and my mom and my 2-year-old son were our cheerleaders. My nephew dressed up as a Rebel Trooper, my dad dressed up as a Jedi, and I dressed up as Princess Leia. My 11-year-old nephew made his costume all by himself. I loved the creativity he put into his costume, with so much detail and planning involved, it was so great! He spent his own money putting his outfit together. He bought a black vet and baseball pants at a local Goodwill store, a button-up shirt from Wal-Mart, and he and his dad built and painted his helmet with styrofoam and an old Home Depot kids construction hat. He wore his outfit proudly and we didn't see anyone else with the same costume as him all weekend! My dad wore a jedi robe, belt, and a green light saber. I wore a white Lululemon skirt, my white Endure "Run" tank, and sponge buns on both sides of my head for "real hair" Leia buns! It was great!

The race was awesome. We took a picture with Boba Fett while we were on the course and passed by a bunch of storm troopers and jedi characters. While we were in line to take a picture with Boba Fett, it was cold outside and I noticed my dad's head was giving off some serious steam. So I took a short video of his head steaming with one of the California Adventure street lights behind him. This made it look like his head was on fire. It was like he was a Jedi with so many mind tricks that it set his head on was hysterical! It was a great feeling crossing the finish line with these two. (Click here to see the video). We saw so many cool costumes along the course and there were so many characters that I didn't know, but my nephew seemed to know all of them! The race was summed up beautifully with a quote from my sweet nephew, "This is awesome, everyone here loves Star Wars, and nobody makes fun of you for it."

The next day I ran the half marathon with my cousin, Anthony. My outfit was inspired by 3CPO. I wore my neon yellow run happy face tank, golden sleeves from Sparkle Athletic, neon yellow compression socks from Running Skirts, and shiny gold shorts from Lorna Jane. We saw so many characters along the course posing for pictures as well as some pretty awesome runner costumes. Before we exited the last part of the parks, I insisted we stop and take a photo with a storm trooper because I was worried I wouldn't get one to show my nephew. Little did I know, we would literally "run" into a huge group of cosplay characters lining the streets of Garden Grove.

The runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon weekend combined the magic of Disney with the thrill and excitement of Star Wars made it a very special and memorable experience for me. Running races with my family is always something I cherish. I'm so excited to run with them again next year and it's always lovely to see so many familiar faces at these races as well!

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