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Mother's Day 2015

  • May 3 2015
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I can't believe Mother's Day is a week from today! This Mother's Day I will be celebrating with a little "Me" time and will be running the runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon in Anaheim, California. I'm super excited to be bringing some new Fairy Tale designs in both jewelry and apparel. It's always a fun time seeing all of the familiar faces at the runDisney events and I can't wait to see all of you! I even designed a "Fairy Run Mother" necklace to celebrate the Tinker Bell Half Marathon and Pixie Dust Challenge falling on our special day as Moms, Mother's Day! Don't worry if you're not a Mom I've got a lot of cute things coming for you too!

Since I am running the race, a part of me definitely feels a sense of guilt not spending the entire day with my one and only little one, Cruz. I do, however, plan to take him to the park for a day during the week to celebrate his third birthday coming up in June. I specifically chose this week because once he's three years old, he's a paid ticket (gotta take advantage of his free entry while it lasts!). I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the special sparkle in his eye when he sees his favorite characters all in one place! Spending quality time with my little boy is so very precious to me.

I cannot describe what a whirlwind this year has been so far. The dynamics of my family has definitely been through some changes and being a work at home single mom has become a combination of a balancing act and an intense learning experience. Moving out of the office and into my home has definitely helped me multi-task more easily. Through it all, I'm reminded daily of my number one job, to be the best mother I can be, to the most thoughtful, smart, sweet, and loving boy.

These pictures are from the other day. A friend of mine, Edward Yung, came with us to the park to photograph some of our new Run Happy Face tanks. I brought Cruz along with our little doggy so we could take a few shots of the three of us. It was a blast. Cruz loves taking pictures no matter what he uses, whether it's my point and shoot camera, my iPhone, my digital camera, or my iPad he thinks it's so much fun. Edward caught this shot of Cruz photographing me with my iPad, priceless.

Edward's Picture

Cruz's Picture (..not bad right?)

Sometimes I wish time would slow down so my little one could stay little for longer. But it's also so exciting when he surprises me with such thoughtful responses to things. It's amazing how an almost three year old can have opinions, feelings, and full-on conversations. He'll randomly tell me he loves me and tells me I'm pretty, even when I wake up with messy hair in pajamas. I just love spending time with him, watching him grow, and I'm so incredibly blessed to have a little one who loves running just as much as his mom.

Here's to a Happy Mother's Day to all of us! I look forward to seeing many of you next weekend in Anaheim!


"Mama" Sunny

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